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Predoctoral Fellows

Jihua Hao
Predoctoral Associate
Phone: 202-478-8967

Jihua Hao is a predoctoral associate from Johns Hopkins University. Jihua is working with Dimitri Sverjensky and Cecile Feuillie on the origin of life. He is also very interested in mineral surface geochemistry.


Daijo Ikuta
Beamline Associate
Phone: 630-252-6550

Daijo Ikuta studied new technique for X-ray identification and crystal structure analysis of multiplesingle crystal phases on a glass thin section. His interest in this new technique is currently to refine this technique and to apply to unknown new minerals. With the use of synchrotron radiations and his thin-section method he examines the crystal structure of tiny and rare minerals in thin section. He joined HPCAT in July 2007.


Lei Kang
Visiting Investigator

Lei Kang joins us as a visiting predoctoral associate from Jilin University in China. He is working with Viktor Struzhkin on researching high-temperature superconductors under high-pressure conditions, such as two-dimensional materials.


Curtis Kenney-Benson
Beamline Associate
Phone: 630-252-0495

Curtis Kenney-Benson is a Beamline Associate at HPCAT. His role there includes maintenance of the cryogenic systems, online ruby systems, and sample preparation lab, in addition to direct user support. Before coming to HPCAT, Curtis was involved in the construction of APS Sector 34 and the instrumentation of the Coherent Diffraction station there.