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Predoctoral Fellows

Jihua Hao

Jihua Hao joins us from Johns Hopkins University as a visiting student. Jihua is working with Dimitri Sverjensky and Cecile Feuillie on the origin of life. His other research interests include mineral surface geochemistry.


Fang Huang

Fang Huang joins us from Johns Hopkins University as a visiting student. He is working with Yingwei Fei on high pressure and temperature experiments.


Joseph Lai
Predoctoral Fellow
Phone: 202-478-8965

Joseph Lai is working with Bjorn Mysen and Dave Mao. His project studies the high pressure-temperature phase diagram of the hydrogen-methane binary system and other hydrogen-bearing molecular systems pertinent to the Earth and planetary interiors. He earned his M.S. in material science and engineering and a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida.


Jiuxing Xia
Predoctoral Associate
Phone: 202-478-7970

Jiuxing Xia joins the Geophysical Laboratory as a predoctoral associate from the University of Science and Technology of China. She is working with Yingwei Fei on the investigation of chromium fractionation during the core formation processes by conducting high-pressure experiments at the multi-anvil lab. She is also interested in the composition and evolution of the Earth. RG17