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Maria Baldini
Research Scientist

Maria Baldini works on various beamlines at HPSynC and develops advanced x-ray techniques and instrumentation for use in high-pressure research. Her research focuses on understanding the effects of pressure on the physical properties of strongly correlated electron systems. She received her Ph.D. in material science from the University of Sapienza, Rome, Italy in 2007.


Freda Humble
Project Administrator

Freda Humble is the project administrator at HPCAT. Freda has extensive experience in office administrative matters and adept skills to operate HPCAT's office and user administrative matters. Her responsibilities include general secretarial duties for the HPCAT project, administration of the HPCAT user program, administrative liaison with APS and CIW, and assistance with the HPCAT webpage.


Lingping Kong
Visiting Invetigator
Phone: 630-252-2888

Lingping (Lisa) Kong is from the Harbin Institute of Technology in China. She carries out x-ray diffraction experiments at the High Pressure Synergetic Consortium (HPSynC) facility of the GL.


Bing Li
Postdoctoral Associate

Bing Li is a postdoctoral associate at HPSynC. He received his Ph.D. in condensed matter physics from Jilin University in 2011. Bing is working on diamond anvil cell techniques for ultra-high pressure experiment and selected element phase transitions at mega-bar pressures using synchrotron micro-Xray diffraction with Dave Mao and others in the high-pressure team.


Gang Liu
Visiting Investigator

Gang Liu will be working with Dave Mao as Visiting Investigator.  He completed his Ph.D. in Materials Science at the Harbin Institute of Technology. He is an experienced APS User and worked at NSLS, ALS and for Materials Science Research. His research also centers on the properties of ferroelectrics under various external fields.


Junyue Wang
Postdoctoral Associate
Phone: 202-478-8987

Junyue Wang is a postdoctoral associate at HPSynC. He works on synchrotron based nano resolution x-ray microscopy and computerized tomography, and their applications in high pressure research. He received a Ph.D. in 2009 from the Institute of Physics at Academia Sinica in Taiwan, China.


Lin Wang
HPSynC Research Scientist

Lin Wang is a research scientist at HPSync and a senior investigator work for EFree. His principal research interests are the properties of nano materials under high pressure; Synthesis of nano materials, Properties of low dimensional materials and High Tc superconductor, Nano focused Synchrotron x-ray, and diamond anvil cell techniques for ultra-high pressure.


Liuxiang Yang
GL-HPSTAR Postdoctoral Associate
Phone: 202-478-8988

Liuxiang Yang is a postdoctoral associate from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He works with Reinhard Boehler and others on the melting of transition metals and noble gases.


Wenge Yang
Research Scientist
Phone: 630-252-0487

Wenge Yang received his Ph.D in Condensed Matter Physics in 1995. The focus of his research effort is to develop novel synchrotron radiation techniques (x-ray diffraction, imaging and spectroscopy) for high pressure research.