Stephen Elardo
Postdoctoral Associate
(202) 478-8479

Stephen Elardo is a postdoctoral associate hailing from the Institute of Meteoritics at the University of New Mexico. He is working with Anat Shahar on understanding iron isotope fractionation at high pressure and temperature during planetary differentiation as a way to infer the abundances of light elements in planetary cores. His research interests also include igneous processes in the planetary settings, with an emphasis on the differentiation of the Moon, early crust building processes in the lunar crust, and the thermal and magmatic evolution of the lunar mantle.

Areas of interest: 

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Planetary Science
Washington, DC—New work from the Geophysical Laboratory’s Stephen Elardo and Anat Shahar shows that interactions between iron and nickel under the extreme pressures and temperatures similar to a planetary interior can help scientists understand the period in our Solar System’s youth when planets were forming and their cores were created. Their findings are published by Nature Geoscience.
Planetary Science
Congratulations to the Geophysical Laboratory's own Stephen Elardo on receiving NASA's Early Career Fellowship!