Washington DC*-- Key components of a new approach to discover life on Mars were successfully launched into space Frida
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The Lab-On-a-Chip, developed at Carnegie in collaboration with NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and Charles River Labs, has been successfully tested on the space s
Washington, D.C. - The Carnegie Institution announced today that the United States Patent Office has recently granted a patent for the work of three inventors--Russell Hemley, Ho-kwang Mao, and Chih-Shiue Yan--related to the manufacture of a hard, single-crystal diamond.
Washington, DC— As part of its international scientific exchange effort, the Fulbright Senior Specialists Program has awarded Carnegie scientist Marilyn Fogel a grant to share the most up-to-date findings in the fields of astrobiology and biogeochemistry with staff and students at th
Washington, DC – Minerals crunched by intense pressure near the Earth’s core lose much of their ability to conduct infrared light, according to a new study from the Carnegie Institution’s Geophysical Laboratory.
Washington, DC. To truly understand some of the movement we see at the Earth’s surface, scientists have to probe deep into the interior. A region near the planet’s core, about 1,800 miles down called the core-mantle boundary, is particularly intriguing.
Washington, D.C. Today’s climate change pales in comparison with what happened as Earth gave birth to its oxygen-containing atmosphere billions of years ago.
Washington, D.C. Evidence never dies in the popular TV show Cold Case. Nor do some traces of life disappear on Earth, Mars, or elsewhere.
Washington, D.C. On Sunday, January 15, NASA’s Stardust mission landed safely with the first solid comet fragments ever brought back to Earth.
Washington, DC – Like modern day alchemists, materials scientists often turn unassuming substances into desirable ones.
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Carnegie scientists breathed a sigh of relief on Sunday, January 15 when NASA’s Stardust mission landed safely with the first solid comet samples ever brought back to Earth.
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