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People News

  • Javier Nossa joins the Geophysical Laboratory from Linnaeus University in Sweden as a postdoctoral associate.  He is working with Ron Cohen on ferroelectric materials. Javier is also interested in ferroelectricity and magnetism. 

  • Chuanlong Lin joins HPCAT as a Postdoctoral Associate from the Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility.  Chuanlong received his Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics from the Institute of High Energy Physics at the Chinese Academy of Science.  His focus at HPCAT is on Time-resolved X-ray Probes.

  • Mingqiang Hou joins the Geophysical Laboratory as a postdoctoral associate from the Beijing Institute of Spacecraft Environment Engineering.  Mingqiang is working with Yingwei Fei on integrating static and shockwave data to constrain the composition of the Earth's core.  His other research interests include experimental methods and tools.

  • Lei Han joins the Geophysical Laboratory as a predoctoral associate from Peking University.  Lei is working with Yingwei Fei to conduct high-pressure experiments to determine element partitioning in systems related to mantle and core, using piston-cylinde, multi-anvil and diamond-anvil cell techniques.  His other research interests include ultra high-pressure metamorphism evolution of eclogite from sub-ducted continental plates.  

  • Irena Mamajanov joins the Geophysical Laboratory as a postdoctoral associate from Georgia Tech.  She is working with George Cody on the characterization of hyperbranched polyesters as potential enzyme precursors using solid state NMR.  Her other research interests include solid-state NMR, origin of life and astrobiology. 

  • Chris Glein of the Geophysical Laboratory was awarded the 2013 Bradley Prize (Best Paper) by the Geological Society of Washington (GSW). His name has been engraved on a silver bowl and he received a cash award. Previous recipients of the GSW Best Paper Award include Carnegie Institution of Washington Trustee Gary Ernst (1959) and former DTM Director George Wetherill (1958 and 1977).

  • The Geophysical Laboratory's Bob Hazen was named a 2014 Geochemical Society Fellow. The Geochemical Society and European Association of Geochemistry announced the 2014 Geochemical Fellows last week.

  • Hong Liu joins the Geophysical Laboratory from the Institution of Earthquake Science as a Visiting Investigator.  She is working with Yingwei Fei on transport properties of minerals at high pressure and temperature. Her other interests include EOS, thermodynamic properties and transport properties.

  • The Geophysical Laboratory's Robert Martin was named a semifinalist in the 2013 Siemens Competition.  

  • Jianjun Ying joins the Geophysical Laboratory as a postdoctoral associate from the University of Science and Technology of China.  He is working on synthesizing superconducting materials and measuring their physical properties with Xiaojia Chen and Viktor Struzhkin.  

  • Charles LeLosq joins the Geophysical Laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris.  He is studying the interactions between volatile elements and iron-bearing silicate melts at high pressure and high temperature with Bjorn Mysen.  His other interests include silicate melts and glasses, magmas, volcanology, eruptive processes, earth formation, and evolution.  

  • Nicholas Holtgrewe joins us from Howard University as a visiting investigator.  He is working with Alexander Goncharov on laser optics in Raman pump-probe experiments.  His other research interests include superconductors, solar power and laser optics.  

  • The Geophysical Laboratory's Caitlin Murphy is one of the two recipients of the MRP Graduate Research Award for 2013, awarded by the Mineral and Rock Physics focus group of the American Geophysical Union. This award recognizes Caitlin as a promising young scientist for her outstanding contributions during her Ph.D. research.  One of the reviewers of her recent paper commented, " ...such a careful analysis should become the routine, not an exception...".  Congratulations, Caitlin!

  • Jabrane Labidi joins the Geophysical Laboratory from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris as a postdoctoral fellow.  He is working with Anat Shahar on multiple isotope composition of sulfur in organic matter of chondrites.  His other interests include magmatic geochemistry, mantle geochemistry, volatiles in the planetary interiors, and cosmochemistry.  

  • Neil Bennett joins the Geophysical Laboratory from the University of Toronto as a Postdoctoral Fellow.  He is working with Yingwei Fei on siderophile element fractionation in thermal gradients and its application to core-mantel boundary transport.  His other research interests include terrestrial accretion and core formation, and siderophile element behavior in magmatic systems.