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GL Science at AGU 2012 Fall Meeting

Monday, December 3, 2012: Katherine Crispin convened "The Earth's Complex Core: Bridging Our Understanding From Seismology to Mineral Physics and Beyond I," which will result in a special section in American Mineralogist with Katherine as Associate Editor. Vincenzo Stagno and Dionysis Foustoukos convened "Redox Controls and C-O-H Equilibria in the Earth's Interior." Dionysis presented his poster, "Hydrogen isotope fractionation between C-H-O species in magmatic fluids," co-authored by Bjorn Mysen. Yingwei Fei gave an invited talk, "An integral approach to investigate planetary cores". Yuki Shibazaki presented his poster, "Density comparison between liquid and solid phases in the Fe-FeS system by the sink/float method: Implications for the structural evolution of the cores", co-authored by Yingwei Fei. Tingting Gu presented her poster, "Structure stability of iron phosphides and metal/silicate partition coefficient for phosphorus in early Mars," co-authored by Yingwei Fei and Vincenzo Stagno. Ceila Dalou presented her poster, "Solubility and solution mechanisms of chlorine in aluminosilicate melts at high pressure and high temperature," co-authored by Bjorn Mysen.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012: Wenge Yang convened "Advanced synchrotron techniques on high pressure research." Li Zhang and her coauthors, Yue Meng,  Przemyslaw Dera, Wenge Yang, Wendy L. Mao, and Ho-kwang Mao presented a poster on the first in-situ single-crystal structural determination of (Mg,Fe) SiO3 postperovskite at deep lower mantle conditions.  Katherine Crispin and John Armstrong presented their poster, "High Resolution Quantitative Microbeam Analysis of Ir-coated Geological Specimens Using Conventionally Coated Standards."  Katherine also convened the session "Impact of Minor Elements on Lower Mantle Mineralogy." Haijun Huang and Yingwei Fei presented a poster, " The effect of Si on the melting temperature of iron up to 24 GPa".

Thursday, December 6, 2012: Robert Hazen convened "Coevolution of the Geosphere and Biosphere." Sami Mikhail presented his poster, "Pallasites as a proxy for understanding core-mantle partitioning," with co-authors Katherine Crispin, Anat Shahar and John Armstrong.  Katherine Crispin, co-author, presented her poster, "The Effects of Spin Transition on Iron Diffusion in Ferropericlase." Wenge Yang presented his poster, "Strain and composition distribution study under high pressure at nanoscale."

Friday, December 7, 2012: Dionysis Foustoukos convened the session, "From Deep to Shallow: Elemental Cycling Through UHP Metamorphism and Serpentinization." Vincenzo Stagno presented his poster, "Carbon diffusion in solid iron as function of pressure and temperature," with co-authors Katherine Crispin and Yingwei Fei. Sami Mikhail presented a poster that he co-authored, "Bulk Earth carbon and its isotopic value."  Robert Hazen presented his poster, "Mineral evolution of redox-sensitive elements," with co-author Dimitri Sverjensky.

Additionally, Ryan McWilliams and Alexander Goncharov co-authored their poster abstract, "Bridging the gap between static and dynamic compression: an inertial confinement approach to laser heating experiments int he diamond-anvil cell."  Stephen Gramsch presented his poster, "Crystal Chemistry of FeAlO3 at High Pressure," with co-authors Madurry Somayazulu and Charles T. Prewitt.  Verena Starke presented her poster, "Calcite Precipitation at an Arctic Geothermal Spring Leads to Endolith Colonization and Ecological Succession."

Karyn Rogers co-organized the UNOLS DESSC (Deep Submergence Science Committee) Early Career Scientist Workshop, sponsored by UNOLS and NSF.  There were nearly 40 early career participants who participated in the program, including Verena Starke.  The workshop ran Dec 1-2, and included the Annual DESSC Community Meeting.