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Douglas Rumble III

Douglas Rumble is a petrologist and geochemist with the Geophysical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. He earned a BA from Columbia College and a PhD from Harvard University. He served as assistant professor at UCLA and on detail as a Program Director in the Earth Sciences Division of the US National Science Foundation. He worked  as a Board Member of Geoscience World to provide top-quality electronic publishing technology to Earth Science Societies for their journals.

He has been a staff scientist in petrology and geochemistry at the Geophysical Laboratory since 1973. Current research, led by E. D. Young (UCLA), is on development of Panorama, a high mass resolution mass spectrometer designed by P. A. Freedman and built by Nu Instruments Ltd. for the measurement of multiply substituted isotopologues of geochemical and atmospheric gases.

Recent Publications

Hofmann, A.B., A; Dirks, P.; Guegen, B; Rumble, D.; Rouxel, O.J. , 2014, Comparing orthomagmatic and hydrothermal mineralization models for komatiite-hosted nickel deposits in Zimbabwe using multiple-sulfur, iron, and nickel isotope data: Mineralium Deposita, v. 49, p. 75-100.

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Rumble III, D., Bowring, S., Iizuka, T., Komiya, T., Rosing, M.T., and Ueno, Y., 2013, The oxygen isotope composition of Earth's oldest rocks and evidence of a terrestrial magma ocean: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, v. 14, p. 1929-1939.

Maynard, J.B., Sutton, S.J., Rumble III, D., and Bekker, A., 2013, Mass-independently fractionated sulfur in Archean paleosols: a large reservoir of negative Δ33S anomaly on the early Earth: Chemical Geology, v. 362, p. 74 - 81.

Weisberg, M., Bunch, T.E., Wittke, J.H., Rumble III, D., and Ebel, D.S., 2012, Petrology and oxygen isotopes of NWA 5492, a new metal-rich chondrite: Meteorites and Planetary Science, v. 47, p. 363-373.

Fiorentini, M.L., Bekker, A., Rouxel, O., Wing, B.A., Maier, W., and Rumble, D., 2012, Multiple Sulfur and Iron Isotope Composition of Magmatic Ni-Cu-(PGE) Sulfide Mineralization from Eastern Botswana: Economic Geology, v. 107, p. 105-116.

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Keil, K., McCoy, T., Wilson, L., Barrat, J.-A., Rumble, D., Meier, M., Wieler, R., and Huss, G.R., 2011, A composite Fe,Ni-FeS and enstatite-forsterite-diopside-glass vitrophyre clast in the Larkman Nunatak 04316 aubrite: Origin by pyroclastic volcanism: Meteorites and Planetary Science, v. 46, p. 1719-1741.

Giere, R., Rumble III, D., Gunther, D., Connolly, J., and Caddick, M.J., 2011, Correlation of Growth and Breakdown of Major and Accessory Minerals in Metapelites from Campolungo, Central Alps: Journal of Petrology, v. 52, p. 2292-2334.

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