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Science Highlights

April 1, 1914 marked the opening day of the Broad Branch Road campus for the Carnegie Institution of Science. Throughout these 100 years, the Geophysical Laboratory and Department of Terrestrial Magnetism have brought great meaning to the words: create, explore, invent, and discover. 

The Geophysical Laboratory joined fellow experts in petrology, geochemistry, geophysics, geology, & astronomy at the 2014 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) in Texas from March 17-21.  Many staff members and postdoctoral associates attended this year.  Check here daily for photos and live updates on each day's science presentations.

Please join in on the LPSC conversation by following our live Twitter feed, and including @carnegiescience and #LPSC2014 on any relevant tweets! 

Led by Carnegie’s highly respected librarian, Shaun Hardy, the Broad Branch Road (BBR) campus opened the Abelson Collaboration Center (ACC), a new digital collaboration room, this year.  

Pasadena, C.A., 19 February 2014–The international consortium of the Giant Magellan Telescope project has passed two major reviews and is positioned to enter the construction phase. Scientists will explore distant and potentially habitable planets around other stars, the universe after the Big Bang, and the mysteries of dark matter, dark energy and massive black holes.