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Science Highlights

Washington, D.C., 5 February 2015— A team of Geophysical Laboratory scientists have found “beautifully preserved” 15 million-year-old thin protein sheets in fossil shells from southern Maryland.

Washington, D.C., 28 January 2015— New findings from a team including Geophysical Laboratory's Ronald Cohen and Peng Zhang shows that a missing piece of the traditional theory explaining why metals become less conductive when they are heated was needed to complete the puzzle that explains Earth's field-generating process.

The AGU Fall Meeting 2014 will take place in San Francisco, CA from December 14-21.  Many staff members and postdoctoral associates from the Geophysical Laboratory will attend this year.  Check here daily for live updates on each day's science presentations.

Please join in on the AGU conversation by following our live Twitter feed, and including #AGU14 on any relevant tweets!

Washington, D.C., 10 December 2014—New work from the Geophysical Laboratory's Ivan Naumov and Russell Hemley delves into the chemistry underlying some surprising recent observations about hydrogen and reveals remarkable parallel between hydrogen and graphene under extreme pressures.